What is GivBax Rewards and how does it work? What is GivBax Rewards and how does it work?

What is GivBax Rewards and how does it work?

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Turn purchases into pounds!    

GivBax Rewards is the loyalty programme from ARDEX Group UK

GivBax Rewards is the simplest, most rewarding loyalty app for professional Floorlayers and Tile Fixers.

Sign up now and start earning points every time you purchase an ARDEX or BAL product.  From Levelling Compounds to Tile Adhesives, earning points couldn’t be easier!

  • There’s no need to print off forms or fill out paperwork; simply scan your receipt to earn points. It’s as easy as taking a picture!
  • Keep track of your points in the app and when you’ve earned enough, convert them into cash by hitting redeem.  You’ll receive a text with a unique code which you can use to withdraw your cash in over 18,000 participating ATMs in the UK.  What will you spend yours on?
  • Don’t forget to turn your notifications on to receive personalised offers and find your nearest ARDEX and BAL distributor to take advantage of special offers, keep up to date with the latest trade events and more!

We recommend using GivBax through our Mobile Apps, available to download now:

Google Play

App Store

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