Can anyone become a GivBax Rewards member?

GivBax is for professional Floorlayers, Tilers or Tradespeople.

HOWEVER, you must:
• Be over 18 years old
• A resident of UK mainland only*
• NOT an employee of any of our Group companies
• NOT an employee of our product stockists / distributors
• OR a relatives of any such employee
• Not an employee of any Public Authority or other Public Sector Organisation.

*Any claims or transactions are limited to those within the UK mainland only.
See full T&Cs for further details
ARDEX Group UK reserves the right to refuse a registration.


Does it matter where I buy products from?
No, valid receipts / invoices for purchases of ARDEX and BAL from any UK mainland stockist will earn points.


Can I use this with other reward or incentive programmes?

Members of GivBax Rewards are exempt from participating in any other reward programme or financial incentive scheme offered by ARDEX Group UK.
However, members can still participate in additional programmes such as those provided by retailers and distributors directly or other non-ARDEX Group programmes.


Is this an individual or company account?

GivBax Rewards only provides accounts to individuals. Accounts for companies are not offered.
Multiple individuals within the same company can become individual GivBax Rewards members but
it is the responsibility of the company to agree which Member is claiming for which purchases and we take no liability for Members making claims or associated redemption's or rewards.

GivBax Reward member accounts are limited to one account per individual.
Attempts by a Member to open multiple accounts may result in suspension of all their accounts.


Why may a claim be rejected?

Claims on product purchases can only be made once. Multiple claims on the same purchase or invoice will not be rewarded.
Any fraudulent claims including (but not limited to) claims that are found to use invoices that show a different registered Members name or different registered company name, claims that have been amended, modified or falsified in any way, are from a time period prior to registration or agreed date for qualification with ARDEX Group UK, or found in any other way to be false will be rejected.


What happens if a claim is rejected?

All associated accounts will be contacted to understand and look for a resolution.
However, this could also incur immediate removal of eligibility and membership –temporary or permanent.
We accept no liability for refusing your participation in the membership programme membership and loss of points should this occur.

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