TN 13.23 BAL Flexbone VAried TN 13.23 BAL Flexbone VAried

TN 13.23 BAL Flexbone VAried

BAL FLEXBONE VARIED is a high-performance bonded uncoupling membrane with outstanding adhesive shear and adhesive tensile strength. This means the system is able to dissipate even strong movements of critical surfaces as well as high dynamic forces from above.
- For internal areas only including domestic and heavy duty areas.
- Substrates must be SR1 level or better (no deviation greater than 3mm under a 2m straight edge at any point)
- Substrates must be load-bearing and free from deflection.
- Ensure all required movement joints are present within the floor as recommended in BS 5385-3. BAL FLEXBONE VARIED is not an alternative to movement joints and should not be used for bridging movement joints.
- Existing cement:sand screeds and concrete.
- New cement:sand screeds.
- Anhydrite/calcium sulphate screeds (below 75% RH).
- Tongue & Groove floorboards and plywood subfloors (must be suitably rigid and deflection-free).
- Heated anhydrite/calcium sulphate screeds (below 75% RH) and heating conditioned/commissioned in accordance with BS requirements.
- Heated cement: sand screeds:
Allow cement: sand screeds to dry for a minimum of 3 weeks (at 20°C) and heating conditioned/commissioned in accordance with BS requirements.
- Undertile floor heating:
- The background must be suitably load bearing and free from any deflection.
- Ensure the heating system is installed correctly in accordance with the heating manufacturer’s recommendations.
- All electrical undertile heating elements must be encapsulated within a BAL levelling compound i.e. BAL LEVEL MAX. Allow to dry before installing BAL FLEXBONE VARIED.

1. The substrate must be even, load bearing and swept free from debris.
Only if necessary, the floor may require priming with BAL PRIME APD or levelled using a suitable BAL smoothing and levelling compound such as BAL LEVEL MAX and primed with BAL PRIME APD.
2. Roll out the BAL FLEXBONE VARIED and cut them precisely to the required length and sizes as required for the floor. Trim off any excesses around up-stands using scissors or a utility knife. Note: leave a 6mm movement joint around the perimeter or use BAL AQUADRAIN EDGE foam strip or similar.
3. Apply a thing bed of BAL flexible tile adhesive to bond the BAL FLEXBONE VARIED to the substrate. Use a mosaic trowel / 4 x 4mm notch trowel.
4. Roll back and lay the mat into the freshly applied adhesive. Ensure the mat is fully engaged into the adhesive, taking note of the open time of the adhesive used. If any adhesive has started to set or has skinned over, remove adhesive and re-apply a fresh layer. Smooth over the mat with a roller or float eliminating any air pockets.
3. Where additional rolls / membrane is needed on the floor, ensure the separate membrane are butt jointed at the edges but not overlapped. The matting must always be separated where a change in substrate occurs or where a construction/movement joint is present. Continue the movement joint through to the tiles finish.
4. If waterproofing is required, apply a suitable sealing tape (such as ARDEX SK-12 Tape) adhered with BAL TANK-IT over all BAL FLEXBONE VARIED membrane edges, joints and roll ends to ensure a waterproof seal over the surface. Corner joints, pipe outlets etc should be waterproofed with the appropriate systems ancillaries/tapes.
5. To apply tiles, mix and apply the BAL flexible adhesive to the mat using a suitable sized notched trowel in order the achieve a solid bed fixing.
6. Once the BAL Flexible tile adhesive is dry, grouting can be started such as BAL MICROMAX3 ECO and using BAL MICROMAX SEALANT for all perimeter movement joints.
7. Ensure you follow all required fixing instructions for the adhesive used and all applicable industry standards.
- Ceramic tiles must be a minimum of 100mm x 100mm x 10mm
- Porcelain tiles must be a minimum of 100mm x 100mm x 8mm
- Natural Stone tiles must be a minimum of 100mm x 100mm x 15mm
Please refer to the current Product Data Sheet for further guidance on uses and installation.
If required, please contact the BAL TECHNICAL ADVISORY SERVICE for free advice.

Colour: Grey
Pack Sizes: 20m x 1m roll (weight: approx. 18kg)
2m x 1m sheet (weight: approx. 1.8kg) – only available in packs of 5
-30C to +70C (N.B. Tiling should not be carried out below 5C)
Can be stored up to 24 months in dry rooms away from direct sunlight
For free expert guidance on the use of BAL products, or any aspect of ceramic tiling with BAL products, contact the BAL TECHNICAL ADVISORY SERVICE on 01782 591120.
BAL products are supplied with a 25 year product guarantee. For further details and/or copies please contact the Company’s marketing department.
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“Note: Any advice, opinion or information is given to assist the use of the Company’s products on the basis that the user will ensure its suitability for the application intended. In particular the Company cannot accept liability for loss or damage which may arise from incorrect use of its products or from poor workmanship. The Company operates a continuous research and development programme and reserves the right to update information without notice.”